Windows 2003 domain controller on a network with Windows 2008 and Windows 2000


Windows 2003 is the Domain Controller.  Adprep utility was ran before introducing Windows 2008 to the domain.  There is also an existing application server SQL 2000 on Windows 2000 server machine (no roles).

Would the fact that Windows 2003 is the domain controller (instead of windows 2008) cause application performance issues on a large flat file database that is kept on the Windows 2008 shared folder and accessed by workstations on the local network through drive mapping

We do not have any issues with other application, printing, internet browsing etc?

Software vendor claims (unsubstantiated by any documents, network performance stats or proof) that Windows 2003 being the domain controller (instead of windows 2008) is causing the issue?

Comments appreciated


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Darius GhassemConnect With a Mentor Commented:
No that would not cause a problem. If you are running the program and it is not tied to a Domain Controller this will not cause network performance issues.

You need to make them give you answers on why they think this configuration would be causing the problems. Makes no sense
Vinchenzo-the-SecondConnect With a Mentor Commented:
This should not cause the issue.  Adprep only updates the schema ready for the Win2k8 domain controllers.

Have you tweaked the TCP/IP stack on the SQL server?
sonic4269Connect With a Mentor Commented:
As far as I know there should be no issues with a 2008 member server on a 2003 domain.   We do it.  However,  why did you run adprep if the 2008 server was not going to be a DC?  The adprep is used to prepare the domain function level for 2008 before you can add a 2008 DC.  As a member server you should not need to do that.  

Either way that shouldn't be a problem.  

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I have seen issues with slowness accessing file shares on 2008 caused by antivirus software.   Try disabling any real time protection installed on the server and see if that helps.
patp22Author Commented:
SQL server has the old application, rarely used and that too only for lookups.  We did not experience any issues with SQL Server

Yes - have disabled the antivirus but did not make any difference

In the meeting there was a fast talking customer service lady (from software vendor) and their 'unbiased consultant' who kept harping on 'best practices' and why the decision to keep windows 2003 as domain controller is the root cause of all problems.  Unfortunately their combined noise has drowned out my rational argument

I would experiment with other files and similar type databases on the 2008 box to see if it is only the vendors software that is experiencing the problem.  

In dealing with vendors,  i find it a good idea to ask for an explanation in writing(email) so that you can "forward to your supervisor" as an explained.  

say something like "I would like to proceed with your recommendation,  but my supervisor will require a detailed explanation it would be much better coming from you then me.  Can you please put it in writing for me and include a technical explanation as to why this will help?"  
Darius GhassemCommented:
If this is a vendor you need to make the vendor give you a report on why. There is no reason to troubleshoot something non-existent
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