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I get the below error while accessing few files related to my application.

The file read from the content server isn't the same as the file written to the server. javax.net.ssl.SSLKeyException: [Security:090477]Certificate chain received from labweb-dev-02.mava.com - was not trusted causing SSL handshake failure

Please let me know what this error is related to.

I have ssl enabled Apache(2.2.17). Weblogic application server is not ssl enabled.
OS is Linux 2.6.18 x86_64

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Enable SSL debug tracing to reveal the actual error.
edit  the startWebLogic script and startNodeManager script
(vi $BEA_HOME/user_projects/domains/base_domain/bin/startWebLogic.sh)
(vi $BEA_HOME/wlserver_10.3/server/bin/startNodeManager.sh)
and made the following change:
JAVA_OPTIONS="${SAVE_JAVA_OPTIONS} -Dssl.debug=true -Dweblogic.StdoutDebugEnabled=true"
Then restart WebLogic and NodeManager then check the log.

Besides, here is a URL for
How to configure WebLogic to use SSL with Apache
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