Qualify a field that can come from a number of Forms

I'm trying to write a function that will pick up a Customers Email Address which inturn is pass it to another function that will sent an Email to the Customer. Before sending the Email I need to ensure the Customer has a valid Email address (ie not blank). However, the Customers Email field name may come from a number of forms so I need to qualify the Email field with the correct Form name  so it has the format :- Forms!frmName!fieldname. The following code is what I have developed but I keep getting the following error when I attempt to execute it
                                          Runtime error '424'
                                         Object Required

Set frmCurrentForm = Screen.ActiveForm
sFormName = "Forms!" & frmCurrentForm.Name & "!"
 If IsNull(sFormName & fieldname)   <================ this is the statement where the error is

I've tried a number of syntax scenarios but I can't seem to crack the right combinations.
Any suggestion greatfull accepted.

Note: If I qualify the field longhand - Forms!frmName!fieldName then it works,  however, frmName can keep on changing
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aikimarkConnect With a Mentor Commented:
use a form variable instead of a string variable.  Iterate through the various forms, assigning them to the form variable.  Then you should be able to use

If IsNull(frmThing.fieldname) Then

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There are other ways to reference a field on a form, but the above should be the easiest to implement, given the code you're starting with.
AdlermAuthor Commented:
Hi aikimark
Thank you so much for your reply. I actually managed to get the code to work (see below).
************** Code*******************************************************
Set frmCurrentForm = Screen.ActiveForm
sFormName =  frmCurrentForm.Name
 If IsNull(Forms(sFormName)!fieldname)  
***************End Code************************************************

I'm going to award the points to you - at  least you tried and for allI know your suggestion may work but I'm going to leave well enough alone

Cheers: MLA

You are using one of the "other ways" to reference a control on a form.
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