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Opening a access db file


Wonder if there is a way around this because I believe there isn't but it's worth asking.

If I have a access database designed to track our holidays I want our users to be able to click the link on our intranet site (written in php and html) and then use the system from there.

Is there anyway of removing the prompt that comes up with Open or Save the file?  If not is there a way around this?

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As far as I know, Access DB files cannot be opened inside the Internet Explorer window (which you can do with Excel or PDF files, by setting the content type).

Your system is Access-based? Or the access db file is only the database?

jm-itadminAuthor Commented:

Thanks for the reponse.  Yes it's all access based.  There are some tables, with a form that allows a user to click on the drop down list and then submit the form.

It's not the end of the world if we cant get it to work without the prompt, it's just a need of tidying up the way the interface looks.

Ok. I would nevertheless consider migrating this Access Based application to a Web Application, and integrate it inside the Intranet.

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jm-itadminAuthor Commented:
Ok then is it possible to convert all of the VBA code that I have in access to asp?
It is possible but it's not direct!... And it is not a solution, because you have a PHP Intranet.

Clearly, you are talking about a new development here.
A quick search on Google says you could access the database using ODBC.  This would require writing PHP to access it, not to mention figuring out how to add/modify/delete records in a way that works with the existing interface.

I agree with JuanCarniglia though: you're looking at new development here. The effort required to do the afore-mentioned figuring is probably much more than what it would take just to write something different.  Or use an existing open-source system available somewhere else (which may require importing existing data).
Jeffrey CoachmanCommented:

Why can't users access the DB directly through your network?
(How are they accessing the DB currently?)

In other words, what's the reason for needing to access the DB from an Intranet, instead of through the network?

To do what you are asking would probably require you to convert the DB to a DAP  ("Data Access Page", ...which have been deprecated by Microsoft anyway)
Or as JuanCarniglia states, you would need to re-work the entire DB from scratch,  to be accessible from the intranet.
Or Finally you could invest in researching creating a Web Database in Access 2010:

Both may end up being a fairly large undertakings, even for a small database, and a significant investment in implementing a web based development platform.

<Wonder if there is a way around this because I believe there isn't but it's worth asking.>
So, are you just curious as to if this can be done, or do you really need a solution here?

<Is there anyway of removing the prompt that comes up with Open or Save the file?  If not is there a way around this?>
This is a security prompt, and is not related to your main question.
If you place the DB in a trusted location, you will not get the prompt.
See here for more info:

jm-itadminAuthor Commented:
Thanks for the advice so far, I will take a closer look at the trusted locations section.

When I said "Wonder if there is a way around this because I believe there isn't but it's worth asking", I was of course referring to the fact that every forum outside EE have said that it's not possible to have a intranet link that won't prompt you with the open/save box.

The security prompt you mentioned JeffCoachman was my only question, anything after that were follow ups on responses.
James MurrellProduct SpecialistCommented:
This question has been classified as abandoned and is closed as part of the Cleanup Program. See the recommendation for more details.

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