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I have a window in Windows 7 that either maximizes or minimizes to the taskbar.  It doesn't restore so I can resize it.  If I restore, it flies off the edge of the screen.  I have only one monitor.

I've tried move and size.  I get the crosshair and drag it to some location.  Once I click, nothing happens.

Any idea how to get this window to resize so I can put it at half screen or something?
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Hold shift on the keyboard and right click the taskbar icon. You should get the option to move. Once you click it, you may get the "crosshairs" you mentioned. Once you do that, hit the up/down/left/right keys on the keyboard to move the window into view. Hope that works for you.
Have you tried grabbing  the window ontop and moving it all the way to the left or right by this i mean windows 7 has a function to automatically make the window half of your screen, itll show you a sort of preview of what window size itll make the window when you drag the window to the left or right (edge of screen).

Try opening up notepad (new window), then dragging that window to the edge of the screen (right or left) if it works with notepad then the window that you are trying to resize might have some sort of resize lock

brettrAuthor Commented:
Shift didn't do anything but the keyboard keys did.  Thanks.
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