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Need to capture webmail for email archiving compliance.

swentwo1 asked
Medium Priority
Last Modified: 2012-05-11
We do not have an internal email server. We use business class Roadrunner for all email. I have a Barracuda Message Archiver and am able to forward the POP3 mail to it, but cannot capture the SMTP mail. Need a solution that will allow us to archive mail from the internal network as well as remote webmail users. We have a total of 140 mailboxes. I am the only IT person for this company so I do not have the resources to host an internal mail server. Time Warner will not provide Journaling to the Barracuda so I am looking for any ideas on how best to capture and archive the email.
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You are in a real pickel.  There isnt much that you can do with this, you could in theory use some type of web monitor to capture the outbound traffic but that would be really difficult to archive and find an email in, and anything done outside of your local firewall would just be missed.  Sounds like you only have 2 options host exchange yourself of have you mail hosted with a company that can meet your needs.  Depending on how large your org is internal hosting is probably the way to go.  Exchange can be tricky but onec it is up and running it requires little if any effort to manage.
I don't see how you can monitor outside traffic to a web mail server not inside your network.  I would find a way to explain to your management that it can't be done,  with a copy of the email from time warner explaining they won't do what you need to make it work.

even re-directing the clients to use a domain you host that redirects to the outside web mail server would result in SSL errors for the users.  I don't know how you would monitor that even since webmail does not use standard smtp protocol to send data.   not even the same port.


Can I setup an smtp relay inside of the network to capture the outgoing mail from the workstations? I will have to concede that there is no control over the webmail users. Any advice on how to setup smtp relay on a server?
You may be able to configure your firewall as an SMTP relay.  Don;t know what you have to look it up for you.

Here is how to do it with ISA Server

Realized that link is more then you probably need.  You just need simple port forwarding.  The barracuda is an smtp relay so you might just want to point your clients directly to it instead of the email server.   Then the barracuda does it's things and forwards it along.  
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