Northern telecom M2616 Phone

I want to change the ringer for my Northern telecom M2616

Any one know how?
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JillofallTradesMistressofNoneConnect With a Mentor Commented:

Do you have access to the Meridian Administration Tool (GUI for the phone system)?  

If so, this first option will work.  Your Option number may differ.  

Login to phone system MAT.  

Open Option 61C, Station Administration.  Navigate to their main extension and double click.  

Select Features, Call Alerting Options.  

There are four options under Distinctive Ringing Tone.  Choose one then click Ok.  

Click Done on the Features page then Ok out of the phone settings.  Make sure the phone you just modified is still highlighted.

On the menu bar, click Synchronize, Transmit, Selected.  

If you don't have the GUI, just the hyperterminal interface, try the solution here:


And finally, I don't have this option here, but if you have a Feature button on your phone try:

Changing the type of ring
· Press FEATURE * 6
· Press 1 2 3 4 or NEXT . You hear the selected ring for two seconds.
· Repeat until you hear the ring you prefer, Then press HOLD or OK.

I hope one of these methods work for you.  
evilclownshoesAuthor Commented:
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