How to set up a BES policy to delete messages but not contacts

We have a user who is leaving our organization and we would like to create a policy on our BES server that wipes all messages from the phone, but maintains all the contacts. We are running BES, on Server 2003 and we run Exchange 2003. Is such a policy possible?

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There is no policy to allow the deletion of messages from the device. If you wrote a custom policy (you would need a RIM support contract to achieve this) it would delete all messages after a specified period.
FCB_ITAuthor Commented:
Would it be possible to create a policy that would delete all messages from device after 0 days? Would that have the desired effect of deleting all messages? This user has been disabled for about a week now so there should not be any new messages that are still coming in.
Creating a Policy is definitely possible, but as mentioned above you will need RIM Person to assist you on this.
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