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VisualSVN - Repository is not available

Medium Priority
Last Modified: 2013-11-13
I have installed VisualSVN Server (standard) on a server.  I've also installed VisualSVN client (and TortoiseSVN).  I have a solution in VS 2010 that I want to add to the server.  

I am getting an error that the "Repository is not available. Request was failed with the following message: OPTIONS of 'https://<my server ip>/c/svn/CMS': 200 OK"

I have tried creating a new repository on the server from the client, and I've tried creating the repository on the server itself and then updating it from the client with my solution in VS.  

I thought it was perhaps the port (443), but that port is available.  Port 8443 is in use by PLESK.

Any ideas why I can't access the repository?
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In past experience, I believe I got that rather non-useful message from the SVN server when there was a permissions problem.  I'm not exactly certain what to check, but that should at least get you started.


You may be onto something.  I don't know how subversion handles user credentials, so I'm reading through the TortoiseSVN help manual (which I should have done before now).

At no point has it asked for login credentials. I have created users with passwords on the server, but haven't set up login info on the client.


This is driving me absolutely nuts!  Can't see what I'm doing wrong.  I'm having difficulty figuring out whether the problem is "subversion", "tortoisesvn", or "visualsvn"!!!!!

Surely there is someone I can get to assist me with this setup!?  I bet that someone who has been through this before can webex to my server/pc and have it straightened out in a short order.  Anyone know where I can get that type of support?
I can almost guarantee that the problem resides with the server or repository, not any of the clients (like tortoisesvn).  If you've installed an hook scripts, try disabling them to see if that fixes the problem.  Do you have other repositories that are working on that server?
At what point are you getting the "200 OK" message?  Through the server VisualSVN interface, is there any data in the repository?


I have no repositories (other than one blank test), and no hook scripts.


If I try to connect to "https://<my server ip>/c/svn/CMS" - I get "could not connect to server".

If I try to connect to "https://<my server ip>/svn/CMS" - I get a 501 Not implemented error.  

I am no longer seeing the 200 OK error (and I don't know why).


On the server, I have the VisualSVN server process running.  I don't have SVN Server, or Tortoise, if those are required.  This server has a port conflict with 8443, so I've changed the port assignment to 7443.  Do I need to change anything on the client?
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I'm not sure what ports 8443 and 7443 are being used for... can you explain?  How did you determine there was a port conflict?



VisualSVN Server setup uses 443 or 8443 if you select "Secure SSL".  My server has another program using 8443, so I changed the port to 7443.

the correct browser syntax is "https://<my server ip>:7443/svn/CMS" - where I have to put the port number before "/svn/CMS".  This time it prompted me for user and password.  After entering that, I got a "403 Forbidden" error.  that was because I hadn't added my user account to the test repository.
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