Google Analytics Goals with Joomla Form thank you page

Hi, I have a new site I just built for a client using Joomla 1.6.  I am trying to setup his Google Analytics account, I have his anaytics code working fine but I am not sure how to add the Goals code to the thank you page.  I am using a module called RSForms Pro, Joomla 1.6 and I can select a thank you page of my choice, however I'm not sure how to add the code to the page that I create?  
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My advice is to add the GA code to the entire site by placing it in the index.php file for the site template. If you do this, it will automatically be included in the thank you page.
Webman04Author Commented:
Crap, just thought though, won't every page of my site trigger a goal if I do that?
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