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Some time back, I tried to set up a client of mine onto Google Apps. While I was on the sign up process, I put in the primary email address as the sign in name which was: However, due to unforseen circumstances, I had to abort the sign up process and just closed the window.

Two weeks later, when everything was all right from the client side, I embarked on the sign up process again. However, this time it did not allow me to use the primary email address Therefore, I used as the sign in address thinking that once it has set up, I'll change the email address to admin from admin2.

However, I am now stuck with and I don't know how I can change the email address primary sign in name from to

Getting hold of Google Apps Support number for UK is a bit too difficult. If there's anyone out there who knows how to go about this it would be of great help.

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Mudasir NooraniSenior Analyst ProgrammerAsked:
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Mudasir NooraniSenior Analyst ProgrammerAuthor Commented:
This is what I did:

I called up Customer Services from the Numbers provided in the control panel and opted to speak with Technical Services Personnell.

I had them create an extra account that would also be an administrative account. I had to pay for it, however, since I only wanted that account to change the original one (from admin2 to admin), they agreed to put the money back once the alteration was done (because it looks like you can revoke new purchases within a certain time period).

This allowed me to change the primary email address from to
Mudasir NooraniSenior Analyst ProgrammerAuthor Commented:
I came accross this article on the Internet by Google themselves that allows one to change the Primary Email address:

HOWEVER, this does not allow one to change their own User Name (Primary Email Address). Because, a user cannot log on with his/her own username and then make amendments for that account (even if that account is a Super Administrator account !!!). Since this company that I have just set up, only has one account, I can't seem to change the user's Primary Email Address.

If anyone know how to go about this please do let me know.


Go to google apps control panel. Select "domain Settings" tab, and then "General" sub-tab.

Mudasir NooraniSenior Analyst ProgrammerAuthor Commented:
I did not get enough responses from the experts and finally got a solution from the Google Apps team itself.
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