moving sql database from dell 220 storage array to iscsi san, cluster environment, any ideas?

i was given the task of putting together a project of moving multiple SQL databases that we have on a DELL 220 STORAGE ARRAY to a DELL iSCSI EQUALLOGIC
currently, there are 2 servers connected to the dell 220s via SCSI (active/passive mode), we are looking to move them to 2 brand new servers (in either active/active sql or active/passive sql) and the database will reside on the dell equallogic san... any ideas on how  to approach this? would a hot cut be needed? or would i be able to add the 2 new servers to the current environment, and then slowly move over the databases to the new SAN? any ideas, greatly appreciated!
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If the new nodes are a new cluster different name to the network, in that case i will do everything from the scratch wich is create the cluster with the new storage and the detach and attach the bd at the new cluster and change the connections .

But if the nodes belong to the same cluster but they are replacement nodes in that case i just add them and unplug the old ones removing them from the cluster and the BD insides move them to the storage by detach and attach in a stop hour.
You can just attach the new sotrage to the servers.
If using SQL 2005 or higher create a database mirroring and then do a detach attach db.
jsctechyAuthor Commented:
The nodes will also be new too, so we are essentially moving this to a total new environment
old setup is 2 servers connected to the storage via scsi, new setup is 2 brand new servers connected to a different SAN via iSCSI
any thoughts on the process of how to move to the new servers?
maybe setup database mirroring, and then change the virtual hostname and IP to what the old one was?
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