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Address not populated constistantly on envelope from a merged document

kel-o asked
Last Modified: 2012-05-11
When we merge a letter and then want to print an envelope, we select the address, then click on the envelope icon and nothing shows in the mailing address part of envelope or the fomatting adds spaces.  Please help.
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Stacy BrownSenior Applications Administrator

You are using MailMerge, correct?  Have you tried adding an envelope prior to finishing your Merge and then adding the Address Block to the Address area of the Envelope as well?

When you are working with a finished letter, you are selecting the address and then clicking the Envelopes button on the Mailing Tab, correct?  When the dialog box opens, have you selection Options and made sure that the correct envelope size, fonts, and printing options are selected?

I am unable to replicate this problem at the moment.  Any chance you could post a sample document where this is occurring?


1. not an option with already created documents, but we do know how to do so..
2. yes
3. no, it doesnt happen to all that use the letter[s]
Senior Applications Administrator
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There were things on our end that required attention.
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