how to tell if a user profile shows connection to new exchange server

we are moving from one exchange 2010 server to another
how can I tell if a user has logged in and had their outlook profile updated to the new server without logging in each user to check myself?
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ImaCircularSawConnect With a Mentor Commented:
The problem is, it's a local outlook .prf profile file that holds the settings.  You could use information here to remotly look:

I would check a handfull of clients manually to see which server people are generaly connecting to.  I would have thought that, assuming message flow is working with your new server, you would have had people complain already that theiy're not getting email.

Could could probably use an office MSP file with the new server settings and run it using a logon script.  That;s probably your best bet to make global changes.
Turn off the IMAP connector on your old server.  Those who complain are still trying to connect to old server.

How did you deploy the configuration changes?
johnbowdenAuthor Commented:
we are just moving from one server to another. there was no deployment configuration that we are using. the old server has got issues so we need to move everyone off of it, reformat and reinstall. then we get to move everything back over to it.

originally, office 2007 was deployed with the old server name.

so there is nothing I can check on the server to see if there are any users that have not been updated with the new server?
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