Returning records from a combo box value on a form in Access 2010

I have a query that looks for a value in a text box on a form and returns records related to that value. I tried the same functionality using a combo box so the user could use a pull down list to select the value. The combo box contains values from a table I created. It does not work when using the combo box. The results are blank records. I've named the combo box what the text box was but no good...
What am I doing wrong?

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Check the properties of the combo.
In particular look at the rowsource.  If you have used the wizard to create the combo then Access automatically includes the primary key field from the table but this will be hidden from view if you have chosen an additional field to display in the combo dropdown list.  When this happens the 'value' of the combobox is the primary key value, NOT the displayed value. You will see that the bound column is set to 1 which will be the ID field.
If this is what has happened, and you want to get the displayed value, rather than the ID value, then you can change the bound column to 2.

_HectorAuthor Commented:
That did it!

Thanks again!!
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