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Outlook Emails missing

Yas_K asked
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Last Modified: 2012-05-11
Got a weird problem with one of our Outlook 2007 users.

I built the employee a new PC, connected to domain, setup outlook profile allowed .ost file to synch with exchange server etc etc. Everything seemed okay.

Today the employee contacted me stating that he is missing some emails. Weird part is he is only missing them from a small gap of months from this year (End of march to Early April)

He still has emails from 3 years ago present and all the other recent emails are already there as well.

I plugged in his old PC (without ethernet so old .ost file is not updated) and sure enough the emails are there. BUT if I try to log in with his specific account on a 3rd PC (where he has not logged on already) the .ost synchs with our server and the emails are missing.

It's weird that emails are missing only from that small gap.

Is there a way to check if those emails are lost on the server ? and if they are is it possible to combine the data from the 2 .ost files and then re-synch to the exchange server?
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To get the emails off the old machine you could create a personal folder (.pst) and copy the messages to there and then import the pst file to the new machine.  Is there a possibility that the user accidentally erased the messages?

On the computer that does have the "missing emails" ; export the mailbox to a PST file; And then import the PST file with the "missing emails" to the computer is he/she is currently using.

Good Luck.
Premkumar YogeswaranSr. Analyst - System Administrator


check this article to recover deleted mails from outlook.


Create "DumpsterAlwaysOn" key in regedit follow the steps in the links above.


Does OWA have the emails?

Also, try online instead of cached...


There is no possibility that this specific user erased the messages.

Also the emails are not on the exchange server (Checked through message tracking) or on OWA

I have already completed the process of adding the .pst files

Is there a way to diagnose the exchange server for why the emails went missing ?? (All these guys VPN from different PC's so the .pst process is just a work around) I can't import the .pst' s to all their PCs as these guys travel a lot for business and use different PCs around different countries.

When I first took over for IT they had mentioned to me that another mailbox is missing entire random folders .. not just emails. At that time the previous IT person did not make a backup of all the .ost files. I have been trying to figure this out ever since as it seems that it's an issue with the exchange server. But the items that go missing are always random and have something to do with folders (Current missing emails were also in a specific folder)

I had this happen to me a few years ago, and I ran the eseutil on the DB. The problem went away. It was exchange 2003 though, not 2007. But you can still run the command. It just takes a long time.

Not sure this is your problem, but it fixed mine.

You should be able to import the pst back into the exchange folder.  

You might want to consider doing archive backups of all the individual mailboxes as a precautionary measure.

I think the point is that that wont solve his problem. It isn't the first time, and why is it happening.

Again, the only time I had this problem and it was legit, it was due to database needing to be deflated / cleaned up with the ese tool. But maybe someone else on here has more explanation, but I would try this. It is a night job type thing.


Hmm so this is where I am at.

First I ran the eseutil and also a defrag on the database. There were no errors noted.

Still the emails were missing. So I went though the task of deleting and recreating outlook profiles for everyone ... one by one (First backing up everything we currently had).

Sure enough some of the missing emails have shown up but the weird part is that after a few days or so two of the employees showed that there are some other emails missing again.

I switch them to online mode and the emails are all there (but Outlook starts to lag)

Any more things I might be able to try ?
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Had to uninstall and reinstall office on all user PC's.

Issue was fixed, unsure as to exactly why this worked.
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