How to submit form and scroll to anchor

Using anchor points within a page should be easy, but I want to submit a form and then scroll to an anchor point and it's not working. I've added <a name="1"></a> and the form url is submitting to a php file with parameters:
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Lukasz ChmielewskiCommented:
1. Try to use a name without a number OR with a name starting with a letter
2. use jQuery
Ray PaseurCommented:
You might find a solution in JavaScript, but I think you won't find it in the HTTP protocol.  If you do, I think you would need the link to say something like this:

ncwAuthor Commented:
@cb1393: The discussion on that link had no relevance.

@Ray: url format looked promising but unfortunately didn't work, I think you are right it has to be js.

@Roads: It didn't work with a name instead of a number either. I'm sure the jquery plugin would work however I prefer not to load a whole library of code for something that can be achieved with simple javascript, so I'm going to try this:

ncwAuthor Commented:
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