Hosted Exchange Active Directory Integration

I am considering starting a hosted exchange service for my clients, where they rent mailboxes on my exchange cluster.
I know there are many companies that offer this already. My biggest complaint is that for businesses that have a Windows AD infrastructure already, there has never been a relation between that and the hosted exchange mailboxes, so they are managing separate userlists, passwords, etc.
Furthermore, migration from an in-house exchange to a hosted requires reconfiguring outlook, moving PST's, etc.

I believe microsoft's BPOS does offer AD integration...

What i'd like to do is have hosted exchange (in my datacenter) which then, for each "customer" it can sync to their AD. Of course i'd need to install some type of connector or open firewall/LDAP rules, but my goals include:
single user creation/passwords, etc
ability to migrate easily from in-house to hosted

anyone know any way to do this? maybe an add-on app?
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Adam BrownConnect With a Mentor Sr Solutions ArchitectCommented:
The only way to get this to work is to use Identity Lifecycle Management or Forefront Identity Manager. Both of these software packages allow you to sync users and provision mailboxes and such between AD environments. The problem is that they cost upwards of 15000 dollars for a license, and are extremely difficult to configure.
oneitnzConnect With a Mentor Commented:
Hi tabush

Here is the setup that acbrown2010 is talking about: as you can see it is quite complicated as for the cost I believe you can now get this on a SPLA licence from Microsoft so it will just be a monthly charge for it. However I have no idea what that might be.
Adam BrownConnect With a Mentor Sr Solutions ArchitectCommented:
SPLA is about 1.50 per user for FIM if I remember correctly. I actually spent about a month trying to learn and test FIM for my company's Hosted Services solution, aaaand I never got it working.
tabushAuthor Commented:
thanks everyone for your insight on this!
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