UNIX ADMIN RUN COMMANDS of Other Users on the box

I have an issue..
In order to bounce the application I am working on, I have to sudo to other users which we call VTiers.
Now, when we sudo we have to enter a password and passwords change via what we call RSA Secure-ID device... This changes the password every 30 seconds.

Is there a way to get away from entering the password.
I have created the secure-ID, but it doesn't allow me to sudo

Please let me know
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you can use NOPASSWD in the sudo configuration to stop the prompting of passwd
It sounds a little bit strange - Secure-ID may change every 30 seconds, but it is not the password,
and sudo would require passwiord not secure-id.
Maybe in remote environemnt - so you are loggin in through VPN or something ?
If you are within the network sudo requires just regular password
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