Roaming profiles - Win2k3 / Win7

Trying to get roaming profiles and document redirection running on our domain, and having some issues.  Here's my setup so far:

Windows 2003 AD backend.  Have created a share on a file server as follows:

\\SERVER\Profiles.  Profiles directory shared Everyone FC with NTFS set to Everyone R.  
Created a subdir matching a user name, Bill, and set NTFS owner to the user and NTFS with FC.

Set Profile path under the users AD account as \\SERVER\Profiles\Bill.

At this point I logged out and back in of Bills workstation twice, at the second logoff the logoff time went from immediate to taking 3-4 minutes which I took as a good sign that the roaming profile was being written to the share.  However when I checked \\SERVER\Profiles\Bill there is no data there and when I login as Bill on another computer he gets a local profile.

The desktops are all Windows 7 Pro / SP1.  I will move on to setting up document redirection once I get roaming profiles to function, any pointers guys?
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ITWorksdotFMConnect With a Mentor Author Commented:
This is starting from scratch!

Everyone is set to R at the root of the Profiles share but Bill's folder does not inherit from its parent and Bill has been given FC to his subfolder.  

I just logged him back in and noticed the following subdirs under \\SERVER\Profiles:

Bill -- this is the folder I created
Bill.v2 -- I did not create this folder.  Inside this folder is profile data, which leads me to believe I should not have manually created his subdir.

I deleted the folder I created manually and renamed Bill.v2 to Bill and logged out/in.  Testing now, will post back in a moment...
Im quessing that the R will prevent Bill from writing to the folder. I would just create the shares and only change the sharing permission to everyone and just add them to the security FC. In my opinion RP's are the worst. Maybe even consider starting from scratch
I wouldnt change the inheritence at all. Set the permissions under sharing to everyone FC. Under security give that person FC.
ITWorksdotFMAuthor Commented:
Sorry I should have posted earlier, the trick was to NOT create the subfolder with the user name manually as Windows automatically creates it and sets the NTFS permissions correctly.  Once I renamed the folder that was created by Windows to match the user name (and deleted the folder I created manually) roaming profiles started working.

Thanks for your input Bill.
If you create the profile folder first and set the permissions then you dont run into security and ownership issues. I have to take ownership in order to see whats in the folder and that blows out the users rights. I just find it easier. Glad you got it to work!
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