How do i access my static IP's behind netopia

5 Public static ips
netopia 3347-02
software 7.8.1r2
pfsense 2.0RC1

I have been attempting to get my static ips accessible from outside for VPN, remote access, etc. I have followed the directions in and to no avail. I have spent hours on the phone with at&t and all i got was the wrong advise after they misunderstood my intentions multiple times. I have setup pfsense with the first available static ip as the WAN address and the other 4 available as virtual ips. These i have set to forward to the appropriate internal ips.  I am able to access internet services from inside the pfsense. I have performed packet captures on the wan side and do not see any traffic from the computers i am attempting to ping or rdp from (these are off-site machines i am remoting into for test purposes). It seems the netopia is still filtering external connections. TIA
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Hmmm... did you try not assigning an IP to the WAN side at all, and assigning it only to the LAN side?

as noted in message (i.e. "skip step one")
What do you mean by "and the other 4 available as virtual ips." ?

How are those other 4 IP addresses being assigned... are they set static on 4 computers?

And is the WAN IP address set as the Default Gateway in the setups for those 4 IPs?
(with NAT disabled, that same IP should also be set as the LAN IP, of course.)
aurora_techAuthor Commented:
Virtual IP's are proxy arp ip assignments since the wan interface cannot have more than one ip assigned. Per the links above i have assigned the netopia wan ip to teh lan side, with nat disabled, and the same ip is assigned as the gateway for the firewall.
aurora_techAuthor Commented:
We have two separate dsl accounts (out of range of higher-bandwidth links). I got it working on one of them using bridge mode and PPPoE from the pfsense box and assigning the remaining IPs as VIP. Now i'm working on load-balancing the two. Thanks for your attempts at helping.
Not assigning an IP to the WAN side is bridge mode.
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