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Outlook popping up asking for exchange email password?

Last Modified: 2012-05-11
On a few of our machines, when a user logs in and opens outlook, it asks them for their exchange email password. Why does this happen every time they boot up Outlook? Has anyone ever heard of this issue before or know how to correct it?

Our server is running server 2008 as well as exchange 2008.

Once the user types a password the box goes away until the next time outlook is started.
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Sounds like a local login


Could you elaborate?

I have seen this with dns issues before.  Make sure your desktop is pointing at a internal dns server.  Also I have seen this on Windows XP Desktops with stored usernames and passwords.  What desktop OS are you using?  

Under Windows 7 \Control Panel\All Control Panel Items\Credential Manager is where the stored passwords are kept


Both machines affected are running 7 i believe. I will check with those guys shortly and get back to you with a definite answer. I want to check both boxes to make sure they are using stored passwords before I come back here saying 1 thing or the other.

Thanks for the info Stein. I'll let you know what I find.

Hi NetworkParamedics

This is generally caused by the computers not being logged into the domain, or you have outlook anywhere enabled with Basic Password Authentication.

Also what version of Outlook are they running.


The server runs SBS so its not a full exchange server it's the exchange built into that.

I can verify that all PCs ARE on the domain. The server is the DC. No one is logging in locally.

It only happens when outlook first opens. So a user sits down at the pc...logs in to the domain...opens outlook...and the box pops up. Like clockwork.

The one thing I have tried so far was (and i found this while googling) to go into IIS manager, opened SBS Web Applications, then on Owa, Remote, Rpc, and RpcWithCert I went to the SSL settings and checked Accept instead of Ignore or Required. THIS DID NOT SOLVE THE PROBLEM.  :(

Everyone out there is using 2010 outlook.

Eagerly awaiting any suggestions. I will try any that come in and award the points promptly to whoever's works. Thanks in advance!!!

Have you setup outlook anywhere on the clients.

If so and they are local this is not needed turn it off. Unless they are laptops and roam out of the network.

If you have everything setup correctly which it should be with an SBS Box then I'm guessing something went wrong on the computers.

Could you try creating a brand new dummy user and logging into one of the computers as that user and then setting up outlook. When you open outlook for the first time it should automatically detect the user thats logged on and setup everything for you.
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Found this while researching elsewhere, but it is the only thing that worked so it is being accepted as the solution.
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