CSV integration with MSCE 2010, is there such a thing?

Hi All,

Is it possible to integrate CSV with MSCE 2010 and if so how?

I'm setting up a new environment.  Three physical servers; comprised of two Hyper-V hosts and one Microsoft System Center Essentials 2010 (MSCE).  The two hosts are connected to an iSCSI SAN and Clustered Shared Volumes (CSV) is configured and tested.  Live migration works great.

When I perform a live migration via the Failover Cluster Manager MSCE reports the VM as missing on the host it was migrated from.  There is no option for live migration from MSCE.  I've read a lot of snippets about having the cluster configured in SCVMM but I can't find instructions on how to do this in MSCE.

Thanks for your responses...

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Hi CraigStrunk

I'm looking on this Microsoft page: http://www.microsoft.com/systemcenter/en/us/essentials.aspx and it specifically says:

We built Virtual Machine Manager 2008 R2 technology right into the product, so that Essentials 2010 provides a single console and management solution for managing both your physical and virtual servers. This includes support for converting physical servers to virtual machines and support for live migration.

So it would appear this should work, however I haven't used it myself. Are you saying that you can't just do live migration from within the SCE.

Brett Smith
CraigStrunkAuthor Commented:
Hi Brett,

Sorry to take so long to get back.  You are correct.  You can't do a live migration from within SCE.  Or at least you can't the way I have it configured.  Here's a shot of what I see in SCE.


As you can see SANMAN is running on VH2 and listed as missing on VH3, the host it was migrated from.  (The live migration was performed from within the Failover Cluster Management Console.)  Aditionaly notice that Live migration is neither an option on the right-click menu nor listed as an available task.

I wonder if SCE needs to be installed on the same system as the Failover Cluster.  Which would mean I would have to install SCE on the virtual host it'sself.  This does not seem right.

Hi Craig

The migrate to new host option is the one you need to use, I believe that if its possible to do a live migration it will and if not if will just to a quick migration.

As for why that SanMan is showing as missing on the VH3 I'm not too sure but probably because you did the live migration through the Failover Managment Console.

Please just try the Migrate to New Host option on the Right Click menu.

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CraigStrunkAuthor Commented:
Hi Brett,

I had tried this before but did it again just to be sure.  Not only does it not perform a live migration sends the VHD and config files to the default location rather than the clustered volume.  MSCE is deffinantly unawaire of the cluster.  There is documentation about adding a cluster to VMM.  But the process does not work within MSCE.  

Check out http://technet.microsoft.com/en-us/library/ee236431.aspx

CraigStrunkAuthor Commented:
Hi Brett,

I finaly figured it out.  After rereading the article I noticed that the cluster needs to be installed before the Hosts are added to VMM.  I removed bothe VH2 and VH3 as hosts in SCE and added VH2 back.  I recognised the cluster and set it ip accordingly.

It was the cart before the horse thing.

Thanks for your respoonces...


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CraigStrunkAuthor Commented:
After reviewing MS knowlagebase I found the answer.
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