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Hello experts,

I just setup the resource scheduling mailboxes on exchange 2007. It works pretty much how its suppose to except I have a couple of questions that i hope someone here can answer for me:

1. When a meeting request is sent out and it gets declined because the room is already in use for that time slot i see that the person that was invited gets the invite and can still accept it. Why is that? I thought since it was declined to the person who created the request it would also be declined to person that was invited??

2. Lets say I schedule a meeting in BoardRoomA from 1-4pm. I than have "Brenda" create a meeting request for BoardRoomA as well but from 11-2pm. It gets rejected but it still shows up on the calendar even though it overlaps by an hour?? I see that this only happens on meeting requests that slighly overlap.

Any help is much appreciated!
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1. Nope
In E2k7 resources scheduling we expect the organizer to plan\visualy check the availability before sending-out the resource
just in case, if the resources gave a declined message back to the organizer
The same meeting-requests should be used to include\add other resources.

(this will update the old meeting-requests with the modified the end-participants just need to accept one meeting-requests finally)

2. But the first person to book the meeting-request should get the Accepted response
The second person should get the Declined response
Is this happening correctly?
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