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Cannot get RDP to work on Server 2003

Last Modified: 2012-08-13
I cannot get RDP to work on my Server 2003, RDP is enabled and Admin by default is enabled.

I was able to do use RDP until last week until there was a IP conflict with another device on the network.

I resolved that by changing the static IP of one device and rebooting this server. Everything works fine now except for RDP.

I had had similar problem on another server 2003 before and I had to change or add the connection in Terminal services. I have checked for that and there is a RDP - tcp connections set up.

No ports have been changed to not enable RDP. The server i am having issues with in on a host machine using VMware and the second Server 2003 virtual on the same host is not having issues with RDP.

Also i have tried using RDP by just IP address and also it name, same result. I have added a screenshot of the specific error i get when trying to connect.

Please help, i know there is just something small i am missing.
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Try disabling the firewall and see if it works then, might have to add an exception.


I can try this but we have 13 servers in house and none of them have the exception and RDP works just fine.

Are you trying to RDP into the server, OR RDP from the server?

There was a quirk with SP2 that changes the listening port from 3389 to another porty dynamically.

So, this situation may look familiar to you.


I am trying to RDP to the server from a Windows 7 laptop


OK, i believe i have found the issue our cisco router from this location to the location of the server I am trying to RDP is only sending info 1 way. We have this same issue all the time and the router needs rebooted to fix. Unfortunately i cannot do this until after 5pm central time today.


If i use a different remote tool and try RDP from a Windows 7 box at the same location as the orginal server i was attempting to RDP into, i have no issues and works just fine.

Well, check your cisco router's running configuration for an ACL that blocks one way traffic using RDP or the terminal services port.
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The Cisco router just needed to be rebooted.
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