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CFImage Center and Crop Question

theideabulb asked
Medium Priority
Last Modified: 2012-05-11
I am grabbing images when aggregating a blog feed.  For the most part this works just fine:

<cfset theImage = ExpandPath(request.base_relative_url & '/images/uploads/news_images/' & variables.tmp_filename)>
<cfset myLargeImg = imageNew(theImage)>
<cfset imageCrop(myLargeImg, (myLargeImg.width/2) - (580/2), (myLargeImg.height/2) - (220/2), 580, 220)>
<cfimage source="#myLargeImg#" action="write" destination="#ExpandPath(request.base_relative_url & '/images/uploads/news_images/'& "large_" & variables.tmp_filename)#" overwrite="yes">

I think the problem I am having is that if the width of the actual image is say only 500px wide, it doesn't do anything at all.

My goal is to make sure that no matter what image is grabbed, I want to create an image that is 580x220 and have whatever it is in the middle of the image.  Right now it seems to be skipping the images if they are smaller.

Any ideas on how I can make sure an image is generated with some part of the the grabbed image and have it be 580x200, no matter what.

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yes, i got the image info and did an if statement

<cfif blogLargeImg.width gte 580 AND  blogThumbImg.height gte 220>
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