I got a client that needs help hooking up an lg Network attached storage device. how do you hook it up? Does it come with a CD? do you have to use the cd it comes with? Can you format it and not use the cd? what's best?
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joshbulaConnect With a Mentor Commented:
It's probably Ethernet, so just plug it into the network switch or router.  You will probably need to Google the exact model number of the NAS to find out what the default hostname is, or look in your router/DHCP server to see if you can find an entry for it, then you should be able to get to it's web interface from any web browser on the network by entering something like http://storage/ where "storage" is the hostname of the device.  

The web interface should let you format it and manage everything about it.  

It might come with a CD that you could download from the LG website as well... just Goole the model number and "Support" or "Software".. but at the very least search for the users manual for it to get the hostname for the web interface.
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