Act Web 2011 "an error has occured on the server and has been logged"

I get this error when trying to click on contact from the web.  When I log in with a different user it works fine.  When I log in with the the troubled user I get that error when clicking on contacts.  Any clue on this?
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AmerilabAuthor Commented:
The problem was a corrupt user file.  Just had to rename it to old so it created a new one.  It was under
C:\WINDOWS\system32\ACT\ACT For Web\Preferences\UserPreferences\<server name>\<database name>
Rename the userfile name to old so it creates a new one.  Log off and back in and it should be fixed.
Mike LazarusAct! Evangelist - CRM ConsultantCommented:
1. What is the full build from help | about?
2. Are the good and bad user both trying from the same browser?
3. Can the bad user log in on the server from the full client or the web client?
4. Have you run a Check and Repair of the database?
5. What do you mean "clicking on contacts"? Any contacts? Specific Contacts? All the time or intermittent?
AmerilabAuthor Commented:
AmerilabAuthor Commented:
Because I found the answer
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