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DHCP Reservations - Configure Options - Win 2003 Server SBS

I'm setting up DHCP Reservations for all computers on the domain. I'm doing it one by one, but in case I need to make changes in the future, it would be nice to be able to right click a reservation and change its IP address. When I right click it, the "Configure Options..." is grayed out and I can't do anything. Why is that and what would I be able to do if I could click it.

Also, is there an easier way to setup reservations than one by one with the DHCP settings in 2003 SBS?
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2 Solutions
Larry Struckmeyer MVPCommented:
Why do you wish for the computers to have reserved IP addresses?  And once done, why would you wish to change it?  If you want them to have static IP address, just give them static IP addresses.

In answer to your question, if you wish to change the reserved ip, delete the old reservation and create a new one.  Not sure how you would get the station to acquire a new IP unless you dropped the old one from the pool.  Seems a lot of work.
rpmcclyAuthor Commented:
Firewall references IP's not hostnames so therefore in order to consistent data references for usage, we need consistent IP's, make sense? I want to have the capability of changing the static just for convenience, simple really...

Can you answer the main question? Why the "configure options" is grayed out?
Hi rpmccly

Firstly you can't change the IP Address by using Configure Options you can however change the Router and DNS Server options. First you need to click on the Reserved IP Address then the Configure Options will be shown.

Also you'll have a new option called Properties where you can change the MAC Address, Reservation Name and Description.

Hope that helps.
Brett Smith
One IT - Auckland IT Specialists
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Leon FesterCommented:
You can script bulk inserts of reservations using the netsh utility.

The command you'd be looking for is
netsh Dhcp Server <<DHCP Server IP>> Scope <<IP Scope>> Add reservedip <<Reserved IP>> <<MAC Address>> <<<FQDN>> <<Description>> <<Boot type>>
e.g. Dhcp Server Scope Add reservedip 0019b9693659 "workstation1.mydomain.com" "Barack Obama" "BOTH"
Using DHCP reservations for all the nodes is usually a security choice. Much more like a MAC address filter.
With Unix' based dhcp server you would use "deny unknown clients" option when it exists.
BTW, you might consider using a Linux based dhcp (isc dhcpd v3), it is really more powerful than MS Windows DHCP.

What the OP wants is not to ADD but to CHANGE the IP address of a host which has a dhcp reservation.

AFAICT, this is not possible, the only option would be to remove the reservation and recreate it. Which is not user friendly, since you would also need to recreate all the customized options for that reservation.

Let me check if we could try to script that a little. There is an API to interact with MS DHCP server, but it is not very well known and barely documented. But someone in my team used it in the past, I'll ask...
rpmcclyAuthor Commented:
oneitnz - I do click a reserved IP and thats when its grayed out...

dvt_localboy - is that really easier than adding new reservations? Still line by line.

vivigatt - Thanks, I'll probably just deal with changing it manually, just thought I'd ask for future referece.


My main question here was why the configure options was grayed out and what I could do with it. Oneitnz answered what I could do with it, but now my only question is, why is it grayed out even if I have a reservation selected?
OK, so changing the Static Iis not possible, AFAICT.
But you CAN change the MAC address. Then, you could create the static addresses (all of them) and change the MAC address accordingly.

Now back to your question about why "configure options" is grayed out...
I remember I saw that in the past, at various levels.
Options can be defined at the server level, at the scope level and at the reservation level.

I think that the server and the scope have to be "activated" 'enabled" for the options to be configurable.

Do you confirm the following:
- You can configure the options at the server level
- You can configure the options at the scope level
- Your server is activated
- Your scope is activated

Leon FesterCommented:
You cannot modify the IP address of a reservations, so every time you need to change a reservation you'd have to delete and then re-create the actual reservation.
You also cannot use configure options on an existing reservation.

You have Scope options, that existing for a defined IP Range(s) only.
You have Server options that apply to the whole DHCP Server.

All the behavior you're seeing is by design, , i.e. the options being "grayed out" is because you either set the options on the scope or the server, not directly on a reservation.

Server options automatically get applied to all scopes, scope options only get applied to that specific ranges under which they reside.
Configure options is NOT grayed out on my dhcp servers, especially when right clicking on a dhcp reservation. If I do so, I can configure options that are specific to THIS reservation, and that will supersede the server/scope options if an option with the same ID has been configured at the server/scope level.
BTW, "client hostname" option is useless but in a DHCP reservation, since it should be specific to one and only one client.
You are right when you write that "Server options automatically get applied to all scopes, scope options only get applied to that specific ranges under which they reside.". You could add:
- Reservations options get applied to the specific host for the reservation.
- scope options supersede server options
- reservation options supersede scope options

But this does not explain why  rpmccly has "grayed out" "Configure Option" menu.
Let's see if he can configure scope/server options...
Leon FesterCommented:
corrections noted as mentioned above...I'm failing at multitasking today.

Configure options can become gray'd out when you only right-click the reservations.
You need to ensure that you've first selected the reservation before right-clicking.
i.e. first click on the reservation with the left mouse button then right-click.
rpmcclyAuthor Commented:
AH HA! If I right-click in the left window instead of the right windows, I can get to configure options! Thanks dvt_localboy, that helped.
Sorry rpmccly
I guess I wasn't specific enough, so to confirm for anyone else that comes across this ensure you have expanded the Reservation List on the Left Panel, Then Left Click on the Reservation, Then you will be able to Right Click and choose Configure Options, and also Properties.

Hope that clears the confusion up.

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