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Hello All,

I'm going to be colocating several servers pretty soon and wanted to know if a Norton Firewall is sufficient to protect my data.  Is there anything that a hardware firewall can do which a software one cannot?  After all, hardware firewalls run on software.  Where's the added security for all that added cost?
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InternetSquirrelConnect With a Mentor Commented:
Hardware firewalls allow you to take that processing away from the server that you are protecting.  Each time you deny a packet based on a firewall rule you are going to be using system resources to check each and every packet that the machine receives.  Plus you are going to inspecting traffic from your own LAN when doing local transactions with the server.  If you are not greatly worried about the traffic or you have a faster machine you can probably go the software route as most firewalls run with 400MHz processors.  Depending on the solution you chose there can be added benefits when choosing a firewall.

If you have an extra machine around I suggest using ClearOS which is a linux operating system with a web management front-end.  It'll be cheaper than both options (provided you have the extra machine).
oneitnzConnect With a Mentor Commented:
Hi Phil

Software firewall should do you just fine however I would steer clear of Norton Products unless you want huge load on your servers. The builtin Windows firewall will suffice for most instances especially on 2008 Servers it just works and works great.

Brett Smith
I'm with InternetSquirrel for ClearOS, it's pretty good, but an extra box in a datacenter might be costly.

do you have any control over the router that will mangage your public IP's ?
You might be able to setup access lists there that only allow certain traffic to the IP's of your servers.
(it might also be offered as a service).
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