Latitude or Thinkpad

Debating between these two.  Anyone have any preferences?  Pros/Cons?

I normally used ThinkPads all the time but the client is a Dell shop.  Would it be ethical to buy Dells for client and using thinkpad laptops on my own :-)
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In my opinion Dell has come a long way with their products in the past few years.  I worked at a hospital that deployed Latitudes and they were honestly a very solid machine at a reasonable price.  Plus if your client is a Dell shop already they could already have an account that allows for cheaper purchases.
Latitudes recently have been rock solid for business use. Dell Inspirons on the other hand leave something to be desired.

Really though the pros/cons all depend on what the budget is. You can get next day hot swap replacements from dell with different support packages etc.
Tiras25Author Commented:
I agree Thinkpad are rock solid machines.  Still love them better than Latitudes..
Tiras25Author Commented:
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