What is the best way to deploy WINDOWS MEDIA PLAYER 11 on a large group of XP PCs using GPOs and Windows 2003 AD?

I have read about GPOs and deploying software on a large group of PCs at once, but never actually done it. We have a network of about 90 users and we are running WINDOWS 2003 active directory domain function level to support PCs that are running XP SP3. I need to upgrade the WINDOWS MEDIA PLAYER on about 20 PCs so they can view a demo that is coming up soon. What is the best way to do it? Is this something that could be timed to run at night or will it have to be deployed as they log in? I am assuming I will have to put all the PCs that are involved into a single group and deploy to the group??? Is that the best way? All advice and details are welcome. I do not want to do anything that will bring the network to a halt at 8:30am when everyone starts logging in.
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If you have a WSUS server it would be easiest to deploy WMP with WSUS as it will not cause an issue on the network. Instead of a log on script you could create a log off script. Then as users log off WMP will be installed.

Here is a link to a EE article showing how to create a silent install for WMP 11 - http://www.experts-exchange.com/Digital_Living/Digital_Music/Streaming_Media_Players/Windows_Media_Player/Q_22617895.html
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If you're using WSUS 3, it's actually possible to deploy it with that. If you do it that way, it can be pushed out on your regular update schedule. You just need to Import the update from the Microsoft Update Catalog. Open WSUS, click on your server, then in the right hand pane, go to Import Updates and search for media player. Add it to the basket, open the basket, and import the update directly to WSUS. Once it's in WSUS, you can approve the update and it will be installed the next time the computers update themselves.
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