Create an office 2007 silent install for SCCM 2007.


I am going through the process of creating an Office 2007 package in SCCM 2007 and I want to push down to one of my clients. It runs but then it asks for a product key. I edited the config.xml file and added the product key and was as changed the display level to none, then supprasmodal=yes, accepteula to yes nad I still keep getting asked for the product key.

 The version of Office 2007 I have is Microsoft Office 2007 Pro Plus.

What am I missing?

Thanks for your kelp
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 Go to “office2007\setup.exe /admin”

2.        Open office customization tools

3.        Select product Office Professional 2007

4.        Setup – install location and organization name

·         Default installation path= [ProgramFilesFolder]\Microsoft Office

·         Organization Name=Test

5.        Licensing and use interface

·         product key=Enter product key

·         select, I accept the terms in the license agreements

·         display level=Basic

·         select completion notice and suppress modal

6.        Then save the changes in office 2007 folder as a MSP files like Test.msp

7.        Now I start installation with “office2007\setup.exe /adminfile test.msp”
rha_mtlAuthor Commented:
thanks it worked
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