reduce page splits

I went to link and still dont understand how to reduce page splits
is there an easier way

Page splits are currently accounting for 100% of all new page allocations.

It is recommended that the fill factor be lowered on indexes that are experiencing a high number of page splits. This will result in better insert and update performance.
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you should have faster CPU for this.

OK, try rebuild your indexes in a regular basis and that will solve your problem.
It seems that you are not clear about what a page-split is, that why you are worried about it. In your case, I think that there is no issue with page splits.

When you insert data to a table, it page split occurs very often (or a new page is allocated) then it is a problem. A new page is allocated only when there is not enough space on some existing page. And while inserting record into a table, if a new page is allocated it will be accompanied by a page split.
Page split means that when a new page is allocated, half of data from some existing page is shifted to the new page. It is quite common during a new page allocation.
What is your OS and It is 32/64 bit?
 What is your RAM size in server?
rgb192Author Commented:
server windows server 2008 64 bit with 8gig of ram but low cpu

my computer is freezing
rgb192Author Commented:
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