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RDP Printer keeps getting dropped

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Last Modified: 2012-06-21

I have a user who terms into one of our servers for his work. The server is located at a different location and he vpns into our network and does the work from their. He has a printer that he has on his machine and should bring in to the Terminal server with him. This does not happen all the time and some times he has to log off and on a few times to bring it up.

Any one have any suggestions for getting this to be constant and not having the disappearing printer issues?
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You can try this article to manually map the local printer. It has worked for me before.


Is his printer a local printer or a network one?

If a network one it would be worth setting it up on his machine as if it was a local one by following the instructions in jbizzle979's link and for the port selecting TCP/IP and entering the IP address of the network printer on the next screen.

The reason why I'm suggesting the above is that the server on the office network may not be able to communicate with the printer on the home network.


"The server is located at a different location and he vpns into our network and does the work from there."

He vpns in and has the printer attached. The printer is network (wirelessly) and attached to his machine. There is no way for the server to see the printer itself without him bringing it into the rdp session and I really dont want to pay for thinprint for 1 printer

He can set up the network printer on his own machine as if its a local printer, that might make it appear more reliably in the rdp session.

To do this he should go to the add local printer option and when prompted create a new local port, select TCP/IP, fill in IP address  (you can set queue name to anything like "print") etc.


The printer is already setup on his machine as a network printer?

Doesn't matter, add it again as a local printer as I describe above to see if it makes any difference.

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