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Microsoft 2010 Publisher E-mail Merge

I created a microsoft office 2010 email merge document and I can not figure out how to keep the subject line when I click finish and merge. I have tried putting in the information I want in the subject line then sending the emails but when I close the document and open it again select finish and merge the subject field is blank again
1 Solution
You can perform the mail merge FROM outlook, which is the easiest and provide a common subject line...read here for step by step instructions

If you want to do it from Publisher, there is a VBA solution to your issue, found here

Basically it says that:
f you are familiar with VBA, you can use Word's MailMerge events and
VBA to specify the subject for each email.
e.g. in the VBA Editor, Insert a new Class Module, name it
EventClassModule, and insert the following code:

Public WithEvents App As Word.Application
Private Sub App_MailMergeBeforeRecordMerge( _
ByVal Doc As Document, _
Cancel As Boolean)
' set this to be the exact name
' of the field you want to use
' (uppercase/lowercase are
' significant here)
Const strSubjectFieldName = "mysubjectfield"
Doc.MailMerge.MailSubject = _
End Sub

In an ordinary module, put the following VBA
Dim x As New EventClassModule
Sub MergeWithEvents()
' Do the merge
ActiveDocument.MailMerge.Execute Pause:=False
' The events fire for all documents
' so disable them
End Sub

Sub EnableEventHandler()
Set x.App = Word.Application
End Sub

Sub DisableEventHandler()
Set x.App = Nothing
End Sub

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