DNN5.1 User given permissions but can't upload images from the image manager

I have a DNN5.1 site that created.  I have one user that I need to allow to edit content within modules and have added her to the permissions on each module to allow her to edit the module.  I don't want to give her full administrater priviledges.  The only problem I am having is that when she opens up the image manager the button for browsing and uploading is grayed out (not available).  She can upload any image already uploaded to the portal root or image folder but can't upload new images from her workstation.  Any idea how I can fix this so the image manager upload button works for her?  
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cliffmeyersAuthor Commented:
Chris Hammond provided the solution. You need to apply permissions via the Admin/File Manager as well to the folders you want to allow them access to.  That is, go into the file manager as the administrator, select the folder you want the user to have access to and specifically give that user permissions there (as well as permission to the particular module or page you want them to be able to edit.

Kumaraswamy RCommented:
 for ur issue Bellow url  give soln , tht soln given by DNN internal permissions fix
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