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can windows Storage Serveer 2008 basic x64 upgrade to standard?

chinaw asked
Medium Priority
Last Modified: 2012-05-11
I just received 3 entry level NAS from dell that has windows storage server 2008 basic x64 installed on them and they are at there sites, 1 local and 2 remote.

I was told that i was able to use DFS-R before i bought them but i find out that the basic edition does not support DFS R (replication) just namespaces which leaves me in a bit of a pickle.,

I dont have time to return them as i needthe new storage space, other then buying a 3rd party replicaation software from Double take at a cost of 3000 or another company,

what i was wondering if i can do a in place upgrade of the installed basic to standard without having to reinstall from scratch. I have the disc and key for standard edition.


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or an inplace upgrade from basic to standard r2?

yes u can upgrade it from basic to standard.  you can always upgrade but never downgrade in os version level

actually thinking about it...u cant  sorry for the confusion

its a version ie std u cant change it over to storage, datacenter,  it has to stay at that os version


but can i go from windows storage server basic x64 to windows storage server standard x64?
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