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Hello EE,
I'm trying to come up with a nice background image for my website business. I have tried coming up with the following image but still I think it needs a more artistic touch to realy stand out.
Can someone with a good sence of art help me editing this image and make it look better?
Any help would be greatly appreciated...
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Brian GeeCommented:
I see the fringes have a nice touch there. I might suggest playing with subtle gradients (vertical) to see if you can attain a look that is appealing to you.
TonyRebaAuthor Commented:
Can you try something out and post it back?
I don't believe that it is the policy at EE for experts to be doing the work. Our job as I understand it, is to provide advice, guidance, and most of all, answers to specific questions.

What you're asking for is unclear. What are you trying to achieve? How is this graphic being used? What is the context, the layout, and the intent?

Even if we WERE a site where you could ask someone to do a design for you, you're still not giving us any information to go on. What look are you trying to achieve?

We will provide you with the steps to execute a particular technique in Photoshop, or we can provide you with general design advice if you give us more to go on.

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TonyRebaAuthor Commented:
Sorry my English is not very good

Can you suggest a technique to use so I can  try it on the graphic above?? . I only need another perspective on how this background image can be improved in my intranet site,  the template I am using is found here:

I dont really know what is suitable here, depends on what you wish put over the top.
 but hows this.
bgrick-2 with gardient canvas called stitching
Tool Used Nero Photoshop  Editor

Your background image is like "Parchment" type paper used for fancy legal letters, manuscripts, etc.  I see in your attached image that you have "bevelled" edges, like the edges of a kitchen worktop if looking at it from above. The gradient at the right of the mage seems to be darker than the one at the left.

Are these edges important to you?

Your current image is 1600 pixels wide x 1200 pixels high.

Quite often a background image is a very thin "slice", such as 1600 x 5 pixels and the CSS or HTML code just "repeats" this image down the page as many times as it needs.

Are your pages going to have a fixed width of 1600 a 1200 pixels?

I looked briefly at the Demos:
for the "Gravity" theme you said that you are going to use this background in:

The template comes with 4 preset "styles".  Which of the presets are you trying to modify and use your background image in?

I am finding it very hard to visualise how your sedate, subtle, businesslike background might fit into any of the vibrant and bold preset styles without a radical modification to the whole feel.

Would it be possible for you to take a screenshot of a full page that is using your background image in your browser and attach it here so that we can see how it looks along with other elements in the page?
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