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Rebuilding a RAID 1 array in Windows 7

Rhythmdvl asked
Medium Priority
Last Modified: 2012-05-11
I need some hand-holding here; my primary concern is not copying a blank drive on top of a data drive.

The simple form of the question: I have two drives in a RAID 1 mirror. One drive went bad. I have replaced the bad drive want to know what steps to take in Disk Management to add the new disk to the existing array and have Windows rebuild (copy one disk to the other). I’m assuming this should be straightforward, but for some reason all my Google results don’t seem to apply to the easy case.

Bit more detail:
I have three drives in our HTPC. The first (boot drive) is not part of the array and not relevant to the question. The two data drives are mirrored (RAID 1). One of the drives started failing the S.M.A.R.T. check at boot, and Western Digital sent me a replacement (both drives in the array are identical).

I’m looking for step-by-step instructions (here or a good link) for replacing a failing drive that is part of a RAID 1 array managed by Windows 7 Home.

I started by swapping out the drives using the same SATA cable/port. In Disk Management I see the unallocated drive and the good RAID 1 volume. All three drives pass Western Digital’s DLG quick test.

The existing RAID 1 volume says “Failed Redundancy.” Relevant right-click options are “remove mirror,” “Break mirror” (this is greyed out), and “Rebuild volume.” Clicking rebuild results in an error message: “the plex is missing.”

The new disk is currently unallocated. Relevant right-click options are “new simple volume” and “new mirrored volume.” Each starts a wizard. This is as far as I’m comfortable going, as I don’t want to create a “new” mirrored volume and end up with it copying blank data/mucking up the FAT on the existing drive.  

The old (removed) disk says “missing.” Available right-click options are “remove mirror” and “delete volume.”

So... do I go back a few steps, reinsert the old (failing) drive first, or can I proceed as is? Can someone please help with what steps/path to follow to rebuild the array?



(Aside: these drives are also backed up to a remote drive. I am aware of RAID 1’s limitations and uses.)
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Awesome, thanks. Rebuilding. Had found that, but it lacked a bit of detail as to what the options did so I was a 'frady-cat. Thanks for the reassurance that the link was worth following.
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