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Master / Detail TIBDataSet not updating database on Insert

nath0rn asked
Medium Priority
Last Modified: 2013-12-09

My situation is this. I am currently using Delphi XE and building a simple database app.

The situation involves Instructors and notes for the instructors. So far I have a TIBDataSet for the tblInstructors, and a TIBDataSet for the tblNotes, both with appropriate SQL statements for the insert, delete, etc.

The problem arises when inserting a new Instructor. It will update file (with standard tblInstructors.insert, tblInstructors.post) and having an frmSplash.db_transaction.CommitRetaining; after the post is called. It appears to update fine (by refreshing the table in a separate application for viewing interbase databases, after the post is called). However right after the insert when trying to add a note, it will throw an error (attached in screenshot).

HOWEVER, if I close the application after the instructor has being inserted, then load it again and select the instructor that was inserted, then insert a note, it will work fine.

before the tblnotes are posted, I've put a tblnotesIN_ID.value := tblInstructorsIN_ID.value; to link them, since not havign that will just insert the note without any reference to the instructor. So maybe someone can hint to me the best way to do this, regarading master/detail with TIBDataSet. :)

I hope I have made sense with this, please if anyone has any questions ask away!
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I don't think it's an issue with how the database is set up.

For some reason it wont reconise the value is in the parent table until the database is disconnected and reconnected.

Do you think it's an issue with transaction types?
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Yes this is what I've had to end up doing. But it can get rather messy since the record number is reset, and stuff like that.

I have it at the moment where it will get the latest entry in the table after being reset, and point to that. But it's not really an elegant solution!

I guess if there is no other comments, I'll accept yours as an answer since it's as close to the answer (so far!)
Mike McCrackenSenior Consultant
Most Valuable Expert 2011
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