Pointing DNS Hostname to another Hostname


I have two external dns host names that I want then both to point to one internal server:

webmail2.test.com =>  which then translates to an internal ip
owa.test.com ==> which then translates to an internal ip of

Can I setup something in DNS (network solutions/go daddy) where host name webmail2.test.com points to owa.test.com instead of the external address?


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broadmindConnect With a Mentor Commented:
I am not sure what you can do under Go Daddy, but with plain old DNS, you should be able to create an CNAME record webmail2.test.com and point it at owa.test.com. This would discard/replace your current definition of webmail2.test.com.
Run "alias record dns" or "CNAME record dns" by google (without the quotes) and you would see a number of references on the subject.

-- B/M.
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