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I have an two exchange servers on my network.  I want to remove an exchange server from domain and then use that IP address on my second exchange server.  Is it as simply as changing the ip address on the server?  are there an gotcha?


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bluemercuryConnect With a Mentor Commented:
Hey Jake,

You haven't mentioned it (I would guess you're thinking it) but there will be a lengthy process to go through first to remove one of the two exchange servers is question. You will need to move any mailboxes and public folder stores on the server you want to retire (to the remaining functional one), and also make considerations that all the Exchange roles are setup on your one remaining server.

Once you've got your Exchange infrastructure sorted, I would say changing IP addresses should not be an issue for the server. Like anything DNS related, client systems and other servers may take a short while to acknowledge registered record changes, but ultimately you should all be good as long as your DNS is set up alright, and certainly if it is Active Directory integrated and all changes are being correctly dynamically updated.

I have done exactly what you're requesting at least twice... If you need any further advice, just yell :D
Also, just whilst I think of it, each time I moved different setups to Exchange 2010 (I know you're not doing this, but it meant I had a dual Exchange server setup for a short time, then the need to uninstall Exchange 2007 on one) I hit a really annoying problem with uninstalling Exchange 2007 off the second (now retirable) server. I blogged about this on my site, so if you hit a similar problem these steps may be useful (although I advise caution to make sure you have defintely migrated everything to the single remainding Exchange server, before running through these steps):

Good luck! :D
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