Having trouble deleting large TIF image files.

I have a user that is having one heck of a time deleting large (1GB-1.5GB) TIF image files. He is using OrthoVista to manipulate the files. His computer is a Windows 7 Ultimate, 64bit with 4GB of RAM. His performance is good for the rest of the things that he does. His is an administrator on the system. He has checked that the file is not set as read only. If he reboots his computer he can sometimes delete one file, but then he can't delete any others. It just hangs.

I have tried the following:

EMCO Move on Boot
TakeOwnership (registry hack)

Does anyone have any ideas?  Thanks.

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ryan_johnstonConnect With a Mentor Commented:
Hold shift and delete it so it doesn't try to move it to the recycle bin since that size file would be too large to be contained in it.  Holding shift will permanently delete it.
It sounds as though the user is using the OrthoVista interface through which the files are being deleted.

Are there option where the application can be configured to expire files by age??
Check with the vendor.
mapalaska2003Author Commented:
Shift/Delete seems to be working.  But I wonder why Windows did not say "File is to large for recycle bin, delete anyway?" when I try deleting it the normal way.
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Paul SauvéRetiredCommented:
you may have attained the maximum total file size set for the Recycle Bin - empty it and try again...
mapalaska2003Author Commented:
I realize that, but I'm still wondering why Windows did not produce the error message.
Not sure, that is pretty weird. Unless theres some setting somewhere or GPO thing that prevents users from doing that? But then shift+delete wouldn't work I would think....not sure. I've pretty gotten in the habit of always using shift+delete because it just saves me time from emptying the recycle bin later...
Windows can preview the image files, when you choose a image file in Explorer, Windows try to extract the preview image from the large file, so it looks hungups.
We can use command prompt to delete the large image file.
Enter command prompt, using "cd" command to change the directory, and using "del your_filename.tif" to delete the file.
del command will delete the file directly, not using recycle.

Shit + Delete will not using recycle, it will delete the file from disk directly, so the "File is to large for recycle bin, delete anyway?" dialog not be showing.
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