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Our client requires us to have secure email.  Our email provide can use TLS.  Does this mean we have secure email?  thx
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Sirreal45Connect With a Mentor Commented:
TLS encrypts the communication from source to the receiving server only. For instance, if you send all your mail through a smarthost, you can encrypt that tunnel via TLS (SSL certificates). Both sides need to support TLS encryption.

This does not encrypt the actual contents of the email.

Your definition of what secure email is, really is up to your company.
mcrmgAuthor Commented:
I am sorry if I am repeating myself.

if our outlook uses TLS and the other end uses TLS.  The communication is secure but the content is not encrypted, correct?

Some of out clients sent us email that with a link, wehave to click on the link to view the email...what type of email is that?  thanks
Yes correct, the pipe is secure(encrypted) but not the message itself.

For the link, that is usually some type of 3rd party encryption that email appliance provide. Usually used to send encrypted email to yahoo or gmail accounts, but will work for any external email addresses really. The link allows an authentication of sorts that can be used to decrypt the message. I've seen it offered on Proofpoint email gateways, but I'm sure others offer something similar.
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mcrmgAuthor Commented:
If the pipe is secure, why do I have to worry about the msg is not?  (kind of confusing)  thanks
mcrmgAuthor Commented:
Any thoughts?  thanks
Your definition of what secure email is, really is up to your company
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