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Accessing Lotus Domino in-box via POP3 from android phone

rk4058 asked
Medium Priority
Last Modified: 2013-12-18
I have a Domino 8.5.1 server and we sometimes access mail with our android phones (various models) using K-9 Mail. One user cannot sync any new messages and the messages he does get are not in the in-box anymore. I've tried everything I can think of including shutting down the Domino server and running  nfixup with no options and using -f -j -v -l , I also compacted with the copy option and ran nupdall. No help. It's not his phone because I tried it on another different phone with an older version of K-9 mail as well as the default mail client on a Samsung Fascinate and got the exact same results. I think the inbox is corrupt, but it should fix with nfixup. Anyone have a clue why this is happening. It's like he has ghost messages in his in-box that are preventing actual messages from getting to the phone. Everything looks normal from the PC client and I even tried from a Mac client just in case something would be different in the view. One note, this Domino server has been running since 1996 and it's been upgraded through all the versions and across multiple Dell servers during that time. The user has been with the company the entire time, so his mail database has been upgraded along the same path. His current template is like everyone else. StdR85mail and his DB size is currently about 550 MB with a 650 MB limit.  Any help woudl be appreciated.
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Sjef BosmanGroupware Consultant

The first thing you should try is to access the database using any PC-based client via POP3, e.g. Thunderbird or Outlook. Do the same for any other database, to see the differences. If still no messages visible (you do have "Leave messages on server" enabled I assume?), while there are (new) messages in the inbox in Notes, we'll have to pursue other angles.
Top Expert 2007

I agree with sjef. PC client first. If no good, then try a replace design after making sure you have a full backup , or alternatively, make a copy of the database.

I hope this helps !


Thanks for the suggestion. I hadn't tried that yet and when I did, I had an odd result. When viewing his in-box from the Notes client, there were 16 messages since I moved everything prior to 4-29-11 to another folder on Friday. When viewing from Outlook Express, there were 426. How is that possible?  I went to the all documents view of Notes and selected all docs and he had a total of 21,462 items. I backed up the database and then I went to the OE client and highlighted all docs prior to 4-29 and deleted them, emptied the trash and synced the client. The total documents view of Notes now reduced by 410 items but I couldn't find any missing documents. Where were they and what got deleted? I tried to sync the android phone again and still get nothing. I tried the normal fixup, compact and updall on the db after the deletion but it didn't help.  Is there a log I'm not aware of for the POP connection where I might find some clues?  NOTE:  I also refreshed the design when I copied the db.  Still need some help if you have any ideas.



I still haven't found the cause of this problem. If anyone has a suggestion, let me know.
Top Expert 2007

Maybe they were in the trash or elsewhere.

I would try IMAP instead of pop3 or perhaps a different client on the android.
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