Number field not showing two digits when it is a single digit.

In my table I have a field that is a number data type.  If the number
is a single digit I need it to start with a 0 (zero), like if it is a 7, I need it to display 07 in my table.  I am having a problem
getting the 0 (zero) to stay even when I manually add it. Is there a way to
fix this?
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DatabaseMX (Joe Anderson - Microsoft Access MVP)Database ArchitectCommented:
Put 00 as the Format for that field in the table design ... see image

I have found that in order to get a 0 you will need to save it as a text field. is there a reason it has to be a numeric field?
DatabaseMX (Joe Anderson - Microsoft Access MVP)Database ArchitectCommented:
I can be Numeric and easy Formatted for display, in a number of ways ... including the way I showed.  No need really to change to text.

A table design allows the odd perk - one being to prepend zeros to a number and still be able to datatype it as a number.   However, when you use that field in a query, the preceding zeros disappear.  I believe the field Format will carry over to a Form or a Report.
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