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Please help explain SAP Benchmark Terminology

MrChip2 asked
Medium Priority
Last Modified: 2013-12-08

I am looking for help in understanding the terminology of some benchmarks for SAP applications.  I have read and re-read several pages on their website, including http://www.sap.com/solutions/benchmark/index.epx but still are not 100% clear.  I would greatly appreciate if someone familiar with SAP would answer the following questions:

Q1. SD Standard Benchmark  - is it correct that this is not a single benchmark, but actually a generic term referring to all the SAP benchmarks including benchmarks for: Power, ERP, Supply Chain, Banking, Utilities, NetWeaver, Enterprise Portal, Customer Relationship Management, Product Lifecycle Management, and Retail?  If not, what is it?

Q2. SAPS - is it correct that this is a unit of measurement and not a benchmark?  It looks like the results of the Sales and Distribution (SD) Benchmark are reported in SAPS.

Q2b. I have seen cases where people refer to the "SAPS" benchmark.  If SAPS is a unit of measurement, is it safe to say that SAPS is another way of referring to the Sales and Distribution (SD) benchmark?  If yes, is it the 2-tier or 3-tier version?

Q3. I have also seen cases where people refer to the "SAP" benchmark.  What are they most likely referring to?

Q4. Please confirm that the following all refer to the same benchmark: SAP-SD Two-Tier, SAP SD 2-tier, SD2 SAPS, and SAP SD2

Q5. Similarly, please confirm that the following all refer to the same benchmark: SAP-SD Three-Tier, SAP SD 3-tier, SD3 SAPS, and SAP SD3

Q6. Finally, out of all of the SAP benchmarks, which one benchmark, if any, is most widely used?

Thanks so much for your help!!!!
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Thank you!  I apologize that this question had so many parts.  I have a conference call with a client in 9 hours (literally) and this will help me prepare.  Take care!!
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