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SCCM task not deleting old computers

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Last Modified: 2013-11-21
Hi, we have the latest configuration manager and all of my site maitence tasks are enabled and set to run in 30 days or less (i.e. Delete Aged Discovery Data, etc).  I have noticed a computer (maybe more than one, haven't looked beyond that one)  being discovered by the Active Directory System Group Discovery method when it was deleted from Active directory in January of this year.  When I pull up the properties of that computer it tells me the agent name: SMS_AD_SYSTEM_GROUP_DISCOVERY_AGENT and the agent time of 12/16/2010 12:00:01 AM.  The creation date is 12/16/2010 12:00:38 AM.

My Delete Aged Disocvery Data is set to run nightly at midnight and deletes anything older than 30 days.  While viewing my adsysgrp.log, I cannot find the computer name in there.  Viewing my status messages for SMS_DATABASE_NOTIFIER, it shows data being delete from the different tasks.  For instance Delete Aged Discovery Data - System completed successfully. The task deleted 2 items from the SMS site database.
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The Active Directory System Group Discovery does not discover the machine objects. It just adds the OU information.
You have to check the the Active Directory System Discovery. adsysdis.log


I've searched that log and the computer name does not exist.  Why did the propterties of the computer is SCCM show the agent name of SMS_AD_SYSTEM_GROUP_DISCOVERY_AGENT ?
I think that was the last Agent which ran for the Client. The SMS_AD_SYSTEM_GROUP_DISCOVERY_AGENT does not generate DDRs. So that's not the reason why the Client get's not removed.

Is your Heartbeat Discovery enabled?
The Task "Delete Inactive Client Discovery Data" should remove the Clients


HI, thanks for the response.  Heartbeat discovery is enabled and runs once a week.  Delete Inactive Client Discovery Data task runs daily and deletes data older than 30 days.
could you please post a pic from the machine entry (including the agent times)


That's strange.  Yesterday, I changed the number of days from the "Delete Inactive Client Discovery Data" from 14 to 30 and tonight, that computer in question is not in the collection.  Maybe my eyes are going out on me tonight so I'll double check tomorrow.
;) allright


Here's one. Client Properties
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