Can you tell me the best laptop I can buy to run Telestream Wirecast Pro Live broadcast?

This is the laptop and cameras I currently have:

(1) Panasonic HXP 170
(1) Panasonic HXP 300

Toshiba Satallite A665
Windows 64 Home
Intel i7 CPU Q 720 1.60
4 Gig RAM
Nvidia GeForce GT 330M
(3) USB ports
No Firewire ports
(1) HDMI port
(1) SATA port

This is the link I want to be able to do with this system:

These are the system requirements:

    Windows 7 processor: 2.3 GHz 32- or 64-bit,
    1 GB RAM, or:
    Windows Vista processor: 2.3 GHz 32-bit (x86),
    1 GB RAM, or:
    Windows XP, SP2 processor: 2.1 GHz 32-bit (x86), 512 MB RAM
    QuickTime 7.5
    200 MB HD (for install)
    HD space for recording to disk
    32 MB PCI-Express graphics card with 3D acceleration (GeForce or Radeon class card recommended)
    Microsoft® DirectX 9.0c
    GeForce 5200, Radeon 9600 or better for Chroma Key
    Sufficient upload speed (300kbps for low quality, 700kbps for good, 1.3 mb and up for HD)

1) Can you tell me if my current laptop is enough

2) If not, can you suggest a new laptop I can buy for the requirements?

Thank you

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Michael-BestConnect With a Mentor Commented:
Your laptop has the necessary system requirements, but FireWire is faster than USB 2.0

A simple way is to add FireWire ports  into your computer’s ExpressCard slot.

Hope this helps.
Aaron TomoskyTechnology ConsultantCommented:
Yes your current laptop is fine.
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